ALFA TANGO GROUP 40 Years on the Band -- Many Special Event  Station in the World

We are not Strangers, just Friends who have never Met !

"  Calling All Over The World  "

S Class Operator

Old Guard Member 

AT since 1984

282 DXCC Confirmed

6/01/2018  to 29/07/2018

Spécial Event Station Call

Indicatif Spécial pour l'occasion




My call is 14AT431 my name is Pascal .

I am QRV radio since 1981 in 162 division (ZAIRE) and ALFA TANGO Member since 1984 in France.

I have 282 DXCC confirmed

My  QSL card's

QSL Flag

My QSL flag

Back Side QSL FLAG

Special Province QSL card ( Bourgogne / Franche Comté )

Région QSL

Back side QSL Région

My QSL Printer

My QSL printer